The latest bee die-off numbers are terrifying. Toxic pesticides are killing bees at dangerous rates, putting our entire food system at risk.

The European Union acted to ban these dangerous chemicals. But despite constant advocacy from Friends of the Earth members like you, the Trump administration refuses to ban bee-killing pesticides.

Even you can do something. You should not use pesticides in your garden. Research which are the correct ones to use. Boycott buying from garden centers that use pesticides.

Join an advocacy group, like Friends of the Earth, your local Beekeepers Association or better (like me) do all of these and become a beekeeper.

If Rudolf Steiner is correct, bees will be extinct in the next 2 years. One third of all fruits and vegetables will be unable to be sold. Bees and other natural pollinators pollinate many of the food you consume.

Also do not forget the American Apitherapy Society ( www.apitherapy.org ) Our annual Charles Mraz Apitherapy course is coming this Fall to the East Coast 

Until tomorrow...