With al the gastrointestinal problems that I see with patients, one never talks about intestinal motility. We need to optimize the intestinal motility.

I believe even the gastroenterologists overlook the basic intestinal motility issues. Peristalsis of movement through the colon is a requirement for all food to be passed from the beginning (entering the mouth) to the end (exiting the rectum). The purpose of motility is to support the excretion of undigested materials, and to prepare the stomach for the next meal. We do function in a sequence, but most of the time we as individuals are out of sequence.

We need to activate motility. One nutraceutical company has done this for practitioners. Integrative Therapeutics has a new product with two distinct herbs. The product is Motility Activator which contains both artichoke and ginger. It is not the typical artichoke that I have used in my practice. This artichoke is Cynara cardunculus. I use the variant scolymus for hypertension (blood pressure) as well as hyperlipidemia (high lipids).

There are clinically studied herbs, Globe Artichoke and Ginger, which can support gut restoration.

Call Botanical Bounty (646) 723-1823 for Motility Activator. 

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