JULY 3, 2018 – APIS

Apis is a homeopathic remedy I use quite a bit in my practice. It is made from the honeybee, Apis mellifica or Apis mellifera (the honey bee).

The honey bee is known for its unique ability to make honey and to produce venom in a stinger. The use of bee products for medicinal use is called Apitherapy. In homeopathy, Apis is used to treat the stinging pain and inflammation, and itchy skin which is swollen after a bee sting. I use the homeopathic product, Apis mellifica 30 C in my office after giving a bee sting for bee venom therapy. The remedy is derived from the bodies and stingers of honey bees. 

In addition to insect bites from bees, Apis can be used for many insect bites. It is also used for painful urination, especially cystitis, and urinary retention. Apis is great for allergic reactions.

Always have Apis in your medicine closet.

Until tomorrow...