There are many vitamins, but pantothenic acid is part of the B vitamin family. It helps maintain  normal growth and the health of the nervous system. I have used it a lot in the last decade because there are studies that report its effect to boost energy and improve the immune response. 

There are studies that this B vitamin – also called B5 – can lower total cholesterol and LDL (the bad cholesterol). It certainly has been used to reduce my stress over the years. This is why I highly recommend it with theanine (an amino acid). Although I do use the herb Skullcap quite a bit. 

B5 is a very important cofactor as it is needed to convert choline into acetylcholine – which is the active neurotransmitter necessary for brain function. I usually suggest a dose greater than 300 mg. It is present in these foods that I recommend: eggs and brown rice. It is also in wholegrain cereals which I do not recommend unless I know patient's allergy status.

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