As the Fall semester of Naturopathic Medicine begins, I want to give thanks and appreciation to my mentors. One of my instructors/mentors who put me on this path was Dr. LowDog. I met Tierarona at the University of Arizona Fellowship of Integrative Medicine in 2003. She was instrumental in setting up that program which solidified my own path. The American Botanical Council recently presented its first annual Fredi Kronenberg Award for Excellence in Research and Education in Botanicals for Women's Health to Tierorana. I couldn't be happier and delighted that she received this award in March 2018. No one deserves it more than her. 

A week in Arizona and an Herbal Jeopardy Game led me down this path. It was followed by a program with 7Song at the Northeast School of botanical Medicine, the American Herbal Guild lectures, the Medicine of the Earth conference, and many more. Both Tierarona and 7Song were essential in helping me obtain my Registered Herbalist distinction with the American Herbal Guild. I am forever grateful. I do not think I would be a professor at a Naturopathic Medical School if not for these mentors. 

I look forward to another semester on teaching Oncology. This is the fifth time I will be teaching this course which I developed the core curriculum. I am proud of my students and the program. I have learned to give back for many have given me. Humbleness!

Until tomorrow...