Elderberry is native to Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. In Latin it is called Sambucus nigra and also known as European elder, and black elder The flower is the part that is used. The flower contains 0.3 % of an essential oil composed of free fatty acids and alkanes. The berry which is also used contains rutin, quercetin, phenolic acids, and another compound, kaempferol. These substances are anti inflammatory because elderberry is high in flavonoids. These flavinoids are powerful antioxidants that prevent cellular damage. The anthocyanidins also present in elderberry have an immuno-stimulant effect on the body

For the plant lover in you and in me—Sambucus is a genus of flowering plants in the Family Adoxacea. The berries and flowers are ppowerful; medicines as discussed above. The elderberry flowers are white and the berries turn from green to red to black as they ripen

Elderberry is traditionally used for cough and respiratory ailments.

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