Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body yet only 23 % of Americans are getting it through their diet.

I have suggested to decrease your intake of calcium in post menopausal females only. It has been studied that too much calcium greater than 1000mg can deposit in the heart in post menopausal females.

Many individuals, both men and women do not have dairy in their diet. Dairy can be acidic and most Americans are allergic to dairy ( actually to all the additives ) You can get your calcium from many foods. Including as many calcium-rich foods in your daily diet will provide your body with the base it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Some of these foods are

  1. Collard Greens; 2. Mustard Greens; 3. Almonds; 4 Chia seeds; 5. Tempeh; 6. Amarinth; 7. Oranges; 8. Cannelini beans

For those that do not like greens, but rather a sweet taste—I have an option

Blackstrap molasses is made from boiling sugar cane syrup. Essentially, it’s a concentrated byproduct of making white sugar. It’s also where all the nutritional value is.  It is darker and richer in flavor than regular molasses. It also boasts an impressive 400 mg of calcium for every two tablespoons and offers the optimum calcium-magnesium ratio

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