Did you have your celery juice yesterday ? I have heard conventional doctors state there are too many oxalates in green smoothies and you should not have them. I am sure many integrative and naturopathic physicians recommend them and even have one themselves, as do I. I have never had a kidney stone problem in the past nor do I expect one in the future. First of all there are four types of kidney stones. The calcium stones which are common are of two types: calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate. There are many oxalates found in foods other than your green smoothies.

The foods that contain oxalates include the following: 1. fruits as concord ( purple grapes), blueberries. figs; vegetables like swiss chard, collards, leeks, celery; seed and nuts like pumpkin, sunflower, almonds, cashew; legumes as soybeans and peanuts; grains and coffee and chocolate.

Oxalates content of foods or those in your green smoothie has little relevance as to whether oxalate stones are formed. So please do not worry about your daily green smoothie. In actuality the more magnesium, calcium and potassium that are in the diet as in the above foods, the more the ingested oxalates will be bound in the intestines and therefore excreted through the bowels and NOT reabsorbed.

Doctors need to remember their physiology instead of scaring their patients from drinking a green smoothie !