As an addict in recovery for more than 24 years, I can recall the first month of sobriety. I lost my appetite when addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was deficient in many vitamins including vitamin C, minerals, and protein. My weight was 120 lbs when I entered rehabilitation in 1994. In the one month stay I gained a much needed 20 lbs. I gained it from having lots of sugar for the desired cravings.

Two men in 1977, Alfred Libby and Irwin Stone realized that addiction was not only a disease but also poor nutrition. For this reason they prescribed drinking 25,000 to 85,000 mg of ascorbic acid powder in milk during the day when all drugs and alcohol were stopped. They also regulated the amount of ascorbic acid based ion their drug intake amount. A multivitamin was prescribed. Eventually after one week the dosage of vitamin C was tapered.

Today I do not use this method of vitamin C oral. I will use intravenous Vitamin C and other antioxidants to bypass the gut . I also will advocate for intravenous gluthathione ( as a strong antioxidant and to rebuild the immune system) With all the research today I advocate for CBD hemp oil with NO THC. Ultimately I discuss a 12 step program, and a psychotherapist in the field of addiction.

It is truly one day at a time !

Until tomorrow…