There are millions of people suffering with depression in the United States. Depression is a real disease. There are many conventional medications used to treat depression. Each drug has side effects. I utilize herbs and supplements and different modalities to treat depression

COMPASS pathways has been given the ‘ go ahead’ to test a psilocybin based drug for depression. Psilocybin component- ‘ the magic mushroom’; is best known f This psychedelic mushroom has already proven an immediate and sustained reduction in depression .

It has been described as “ shaking the snow globe up or rather rebooting the brain. I am excited about this trial as I believe and know that plants, herbs and mushrooms can hold the key to treating a majority of the diseases that affects individuals. There are 400 or more patients enrolled in the study and it will take place in the next few months both in Europe and North America. The length of the study is for about 12- 18 months. I look forward to the results

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