I think we often think of eucalyptus as a nice smell. Do you ever think f the medicinal benefits of this plant., It grows on trees and is native to Australia. I am waiting for the Edible Series Books to have a book on Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus has anti viral, anti bacterial and is anti inflammatory. I have used it to help cure the common cold, flu and fevers. It can loosen phlegm and ease congestion. I know my mother and my Nanny used to always put Vick’s vapor rub in the vaporizer. Putting eucalyptus in the vaporizer or diffuser does the job also.

Eucalyptus oil has also been an analgesic or painkiller. It soothes pain and inflammation . It is excellent for arthritis and soothing sore muscles

As a cardiologist it is a powerful vasodilator. It can used to decrease blood pressure very effectively.

For the man or woman who wants to nourish their hair follicles- this is an excellent oil. It can be combined with rosemary oil or coconut oil and massaged into the scalp

If you haven’t used this plant for medicinal use —start now

Until tomorrow….