This herb, Tumeric (Curcuma longa ) has been used for thousands of years. There is evidence in publications that it can help against cancers, protects the brain, enhance detoxification, promotes radiant skin and maintains a healthy immune response.

Turns out, the amazing healing effects are derived primarily from its most active and abundant compound, curcumin. And scientists say they now know why curcumin is such a powerful healing compound.

Once metabolized in the body, curcumin inserts itself into your cell’s membrane. There it does a little house-cleaning and reorganizing. This may not seem like a big deal…

But once a cell becomes organized again, it’s able to process information more easily…fight off harmful intruders more readily…and quickly remove dangerous toxins

There are many companies promoting their own turmeric. I have used many different brands of turmeric. I have used Meriva, Curcumin Plus, and CanArrest. These are professional , high potent curcumin—

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