We do not drink enough tea in this country. In China tea was the first beverage made and around 2700 BC. It is the second most common beverage consumed in the world. The most popular is Green tea (Camilla sinensis)which is an evergreen shrub with strongly scented flowers. Today China produces 38 % of the world’s tea followed by India and then Kenya. China consumes 1.6 million ton of tea and only 127.000 tons consumed in the United States. So you see we need to consume more tea. There are six types of tea from C. sinensis: White, Green, Yellow, Black, Oolong and Pu’erh. Each of these tea have other names. For example Green can be called Sencha, Matcha or even Dragon Well.

Green tea has a positive effect of coronary artery disease and stroke due to its content of flavinoids. Total intake of flavonoids is associated with a lower risk of CAD. Flavinoids affect flow mediated dilation thus lowering blood pressure. We believe that tea drinking may enhance endothelium dependent vasodilation. In animal studies it was found that green tea protects against lead and cadmium oxidative stress.

The benefits of green tea goes well beyond the positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It has been studied and research for its positive effects on neurodegenerative disease, cancer and kidney disease.

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