APRIL 4, 2019 MOLD

Exposure to mold can result in sinus issues, congestion or a sore throat or sometimes it can be very severe as causing alopecia( hair loss), malaise and fatigue and aches in the joints. For those patients with mold sensitivities or genetic predisposition ( especially if you have a MTHFR gene), being tested for exposure to mycotoxins can help you better understand how these toxins affect your body. Not all mycotoxin testing is available in every state.

I utilize Great Plains Laboratory at my office in tIhe state of Connecticut. The office is the Connecticut Integrative Medical Center in Fairfield. There is some tests that be ordered by the physician and sent to the patient’s home. This is done by Green Works Environmental . There are two panels- a urine test for mycotoxins which tests for the presence of Ochratoxin A, Aflatoxin Group, Macrocyclic Trichothcenes and Gliotoxin. There is also a blood test via Ig E and IgG which is a modified RAST test to detect specific IgE antibodies to a variety of allergens. The later could be covered under your health insurance. The first test which is urine is not usually covered by insurance.

I feel mycotoxin testing is essential for a work up for patients with a variety of symptoms.

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