This can be described as a related group of conditions, all affecting vision usually temporary and without pain

Ocular migraines are more common in women of child bearing age who have had a history of migraines with auras. There are two types of ocular migraines- one with auras and retinal migraine. There are other types, one called a scintillating scotoma

There are conventional treatments as Depakote and topramax ( which are also used for epilepsy. I have seen tricyclics used for depression to be used. I have seen beta blockers used for this condition

Complimentary or integrative treatment include taking magnesium 500mg which I feel is essential. One of the best herbs used is butterbur but it should contain alkaloids. It should read PA free. The other herb is feverfew up to 100mg per day. Other helpful supplements are 5 HTP, riboflavin and Coenzyme 10

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