Mushrooms can be medicinal. Mushrooms are a great food.

Certain species are poisonous

There are two deadly mushrooms- the destroying angel ( Amanita bisporigera) and Death Cap ( Amantia phalloides) . These mushgrooms can kill you within a few hours of one bite. The toxins are called amatoxins and unfortunately there is NO known antidote. A few hours after ingestion the person will get nauseous and have bloody diarrhea.

Amantia are gilled mushrooms and grow on the ground in the woods . The caps are oval or convex when young and convex or flat when mature The caps are bright red or yellow Some species have patches on their cap These are also called warts

I encourage anyone who picks their own mushrooms to be familiar with amantia species. There are many books about mushrooms to identify different species. I also like the book 100 Edible Mushrooms by Michael Kuo

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