In December 2018, an article published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation discussed the link of red meat consumption tied levels of a chemical linked to heart disease. A chronic red consumption of 8 oz significantly raises levels of a gut generated chemical called Trimethylamine N oxide (TMAO) which is linked to heart disease

We do know that a diet in red meat has higher levels of TMAO compared to white meat and non meat protein by three fold. TMAO levels do vary from person to person and also varies with kidney function. .

Therefore it was postulated if we find ways to lower TMAO levels we can lower the risk of heart disease. After reading the article I believe it has a lot to do with the gut microflora. I feel many of the chronic inflammatory diseases are associated with the gut microbiome ( which is not clearly understood )

There is enough data today to tell a patient to reduce his/her red meat consumption

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