There was a positive primary endpoint of the REDUCE -IT trial when it comes to the benefit of omega 3 ( EPA). It was presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Session to an outstanding applause. The mechanism might be poorly understood and even accepted but the results are compelling.

This was a large multicenter trial compared patients with high cardiovascular risks and elevated triglycerides who took 4 grams of EPA /day to a group that took a mineral oil placebo. At the end there was a 4.5 % lower risk of dying from cardiac events or experiencing myocardial infarctions, stroke, coronary revascularization than than those who took the placebo

With such results, there was speculation about the placebo oil and if it caused harm. The other flaw was other cardiac risk factors were not measured.

I will continue to describe omega 3 ( EPA) supplementation to my cardiac patients.

Until tomorrow…