Many consumers use protein powdered shakes as well as many are prescribed by functional medicine physicians. Extra protein about 30 - 50 grams from a powdered drink can help athletes buiuld muscle, as well as help other individuals prevent age related loss of muscle. There are many type sof protein drinks on the market- There are whey, casein, soy, pea, hemp, egg, and brown rice. Whey is the most commonly used . I have seen some dairy sensitive patients have a problem with whey protein. I usually prescribe pea or hemp protein

Patients tend to ask me What brand? of protein shake I would use or recommend. There are many on the market., I do that Consumer Labs selected some to be reviewed. 20 % of what they selected failed to pass the tests. This was discouraging. I recommend Sun Warrior and Total Vegan I do not recommend one as a meal replacement unless it is medically prescribed. There are some on the market by experienced nutraceutical companies that have vitamins, minerals and other supplements in their protein shake. These companies can be Metagenics , or Orthomolecular One of the most popular consumer shakes was mentioned in the Consumer Lab Review. This was Shakeology. It received an overall good rating and content

Studies do show that increasing protein in the way of a shake without exercise does NOT help build muscle or increase strength. If you already consume ample protein the additional protein won’t help

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