These are some suggestions

DRINK NO SODA . Soda can cause you many health issues such as inflammation and insulin resistance, gastro-esophageal and due to their artificial colorings and food chemicals like 4-MI, it can cause cancer.

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Nutrition says that people who consumed more than one soda daily had a higher risk of stroke than people who didn’t. Sodas are loaded with sugar and cause you weight gain and it’s among other foods that increase the obesity rate in America.

EAT NO FARMED FISH. More than 60 percent of the salmon consumed in the USA is farm raised and this type of salmon is contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides and other carcinogens.

EAT NO PROCESSED MEATS. Processed meats include hot dogs, pimento loaf, sausages or bacon among other foods. “Researchers who wrote in the journal of BMC Medicine said that the excessive salts and chemicals that are used when making processed meats are damaging to your health.”

Processed meats contain many chemicals and preservatives including sodium nitrates that make them look tasty and fresh and they are well-known carcinogens.

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