An estimated 59 million people in the United States spend a collective $30.2 billion dollars on complementary and integrative medicine annually. There is no disease that I do not treat with integrative or alternative modalities

Migraines are no exception The use of yoga has been studied. Yoga practice has been associated with improvements in migraine, including in one study in which 3 weekly sessions of yoga for 12 weeks led to greater reductions in headache severity, frequency, and impact when combined with medication, compared with mediation alone.

A small number of studies suggest that several combinations of these and other compounds, including vitamin B6 and folic acid, may improve the number of migraine days, certain symptoms, and quality of life, although results are mixed

I have used Feverfew, Jamaican Dogwood and Butterbur has herbal remedies for migraines. I also utilize homeopathy DROX 19Migronol drops in some patients. The nutraceutical company Designs for Health has a product I frequently use that is also called Migronol. This product contain vitamins, and minerals.

There is accumulating evidence that acupuncture improves migraine outcomes. For example, patients who were treated with acupuncture reported reduced headache intensity, which correlated with increased N-acetylaspartate/creatine in the bilateral thalamus on magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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