I AM OUTSIDE THE BOX . I believe that my view on most diseases is outside the box. I take the approach that all treatment protocols should involve both conventional and integrative modalities. This not only includes diet , exercise and supplements

It also involves herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, bee venom , ozone, hyperbaric oxygen and much more.

Let’s for example discuss brain cancer. Glioblastoma multiforme is the most difficult to treat and represents 12 - 15 % of all primary brain tumors. It has a very low two year survival of less than 30 % I have had more than 5 patients who have lived more than 5 years with this deadly cancer. I do not have the cure nor have the answer. I will tell you that those patients have done a multitude of different treatment protocols

A change in diet is critical to all types of cancer. I try to support the oxidative normal cell metabolism by using Poly MVA, berberine and boswellia I use CBD for all cancers in the range of 25- 60 mg - two to three times daily. I even use low dose naltrexone 2- 6 mg for all types of cancers as well as autoimmune diseases.

Seek other professional medical opinions from a naturopathic doctor, or a functional medicine doctors, or a herbalist. Be informed

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