In the British Medical Journal in August 2018 it was published that exposure to toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, copper, and cadmium is associated with an increased cardiovascular risk and heart disease.

As a cardiologist/ integrative physician I have been testing heavcy metals for more than 20 years in my patients. I utilize serum blood testing to determine is metals have been in the body for 30 days. I also use a provocative urine analysis to determine long term exposure to metals. In New York State a hair analysis is no longer allowed used.

The BMJ study analyzed 37 studies that included more than 350,000 people. The study linked arsenic exposure to a 23 percent increased risk of coronary disease and a 30 % increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Both lead and cadmium were associated with an increased of stroke- 63 % higher for lead and 72 % higher for cadmium. Lead usually comes from water exposure and paint through the years. Cadmium is present in nicotine cigarettes

This study reinforced other studies that revealed the importance of environmental toxicities.

It is very important to be tested for heavy metals.

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