I think the layperson might believe that protein intake increases the risk of stroke. My years with the late Robert Atkins, MD certainly changed my view of the use of protein and fat. I may not have agreed with the high protein and fat, and the use of animal protein but I did see people get better. Today the Keto diet is popular which is really an extension of the Atkins diet. I do know protein intake is good for some individuals.

Recently a study called The Hisayama Study published data stating that high protein intake was associated with a LOWER risk of stroke in the general Japanese population In addition subjects with higher vegetable protein intake had a lower risk of total stroke and ischemic stroke as compared to those with higher animal protein has a LOWER risk of intracerebral hemorrhage. This is very important I believe this is the first study to clearly show a protective influence of vegetable protein intake on risks of stroke

More studies like this one need to be done. With so many people doing a variety of dietary changes—this needs to be studied more

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