When people hear I raise bees they always ask do I harvest or get the honey. Of course the answer is yes. I do not sell my honey as I am not registered to do so. I give the honey away and piece of comb with the honey. I tell patients I do Bee Stony Therapy and sting people on purpose. Many people laugh, and chuckle stating “ Why would anyone want to get stung “ The answer is simple. It is beneficial for many diseases. This is known, well researched and written about. The Bible of Been Venom Therapy was written by a NYC based physician named Bodog Beck MD. It is an excellent book to read if you want to know about BVT. He used it for autoimmune disease as rheumatoid arthritis and pain syndromes. There are different types of stings. I have heard it explained different ways by different apitherapists.

I usually do a full sting method and with having small talk with the patient begin to sting an area. The sting is of full intensity and does hurt It is of extreme benefit . I do take the stinger out if a new patient. I probably like to get stung about 8 times a day and leave the stingers in place. I do it for back pain and for longevity.

Some apitherapists remove the stinger from the bee and tap the stinger genty into areas to be stung. This has been used in Japan for centuries . It is called HoShinDo. I have seen it used . I have not perfected this method but do try it on some occasions .

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