I like fish. I consume a lot of fish in a week I order it from www.vitalchocie.com I love salmon. Wild salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and is a lean protein. According to The Calorie Myth, it takes the body five to ten times more energy to digest proteins than carbs. About 30 per cent of calories we eat from protein are actually burned in digesting it.

I used to eat chicken, but it must be organic chicken Eating leaner cuts of chicken, like chicken breasts, helps the body burn calories. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of energy to digest chicken. Similar to wild salmon, we burn calories as we eat foods that require more energy to break them down.

So could I be a vegetarian or vegan I was a vegetarian during my college years. At that time I ate pasta ( which I rarely eat today unless gluten free from good companies ) I do recommend some individuals look at Eat Right for Your Blood Type by friend/colleague/writer Dr Peter D’Adamo.

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