Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. There were 1.8 million new cases in the United States in 2018 While technology and new research has taken us far, we still limited about information of natural compounds as herbs( botanicals) and supplements that can effectively treat cancer.

We are focused on chemotherapy in the United States, While this may be life saving in some cancers it is NOT for everyone. There is botanical medicine, nutraceuticals and dietary changes that play a pivotal role in the treatment of cancers. I am NOT an oncologist. In both of my practices, Fratellone Medical Associates and Connecticut Integrative Medical Center , as an integrative MD , as well as an clinical herbalist I seek treatment using many disciples of medicine

Salicinium is a tradename for glycobenzaldehydes and related compounds that impair glycolytic metabolism in cancer. I have used in both oral and IV form in cancer patients with the patients written consent and each patient obtaining the salicinium. There is even a clinical protocol study involved 675 patients with stage IV cancer. The 675 patients included had a wide spectrum of stage IV cancer. These included lung, pancreatic, breast, colon, melanoma, sarcoma, uterine and much more. Salicinium extensively extended the survival in these patients.

Salicinium is also useful in treating EBV, CMV, hepatitis and herpes infections

We a pro active patient for those with cancers.

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