There is a nutritional compound developed by Daiwa Pharmaceuticals and sold as a functional food in Japan It is called RBAC - Rice bran arabinoxylan compound. The main ingredient arabinoxylan has to be extracted using a hot water extraction with medical mushrooms. Since it is a large molecule it is only absorbed and broken down into smaller components.

This is not new. RBAC has been studied for the last 24 years especially with its anti cancer effects. It acts a potent response modifier thus possessing having immunomodulating anticancer effects. It also has bene shown to work synergistically with conventional chemotherapy compounds. It has been reported to have the following effects:

  1. enhanced immunoprofile

  2. improved treatment outcomes

  3. decreased tumor markers

  4. increased lifespan

RBAC also boosts NK cell activity , proliferates B and T cells and macrophages

More studies need to be doe. Be proactive and start reading about RBAC

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