More than 50 million Americans have tinnitus or ‘ ringing in the ears’ Tionnitus is a hissing, buzzing or ringing sound experienced in the ears. It is related to damage of the hair cells of the inner ear. It can be associated with a degree opf hearing loss. There are many causes as ear wax, viral infection, prolonged loud noises, and Meniere’s disease. I find that heavy metal intoxication especially with mercury can be the cause. You must have a provocative challenge for metals or a hair analysis in selected states like Connecticut

The treatment could involve using herbs and acupuncture by a traditional Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist Some of the herbs used are Tu Su Zi, and Shu di Huang. I use Feverfew and Hawthorn

I also have utilized aromatherapy with cypress, rosemary and rose. Sometimes there is a nutrient deficiency so I check trace minerals as well as magnesium

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