Do you ever want a little snack before bedtime?

Many foods are a no-no before bedtime, but I gathered the worst ones that can cause sleepless nights and serious digestive issues. Even healthy foods like raw vegetables should be avoided before sleeping. I have many patients who eat a bowel of cereal before bedtime with milk. If you eat cereals with milk they get tryptophan-rich milk in your system, which technically helps you sleep, but cereals are coated with syrups and sugars and your blood glucose will be high, so don’t eat them before bed. So No cereal.

Any food that contained tyramine like cheese can jolt the system awake and should be avoid. So no cheese .Many cured meats such as ham, pepperoncini and salami are processed AND they contain tyramine Tyramine as stated can jolt you awake You could eat turkey, because it contains tryptophan that is a benefic compound which helps you sleep faster.

There are many foods that should be also avoided as sweets like ice cream Even the healthy raw veggies are bad because they are hard to digest right before sleep. I suggest a tablespoon of a nut butter as almond or organic peanut butter

Until tomorrow…