When I was growing up, a glass of OJ was enough for breakfast. Fruit contains sugar that can amount to a meal’s worth of calories pretty quickly.— not the best choice. Juice is also devoid of the filling fiber found in fruit, protein, and fat. Milk is another example of something I no longer do. I was encouraged to drink milk as a child. What parent doesn’t want their child yo drink milk. If we were lucky to get raw milk snuck into the state - that was great. We did not have organic milk as we do today. There is a major difference between conventional milk and organic milk Conventional one contains a dangerous amount of estrogen because it comes from cows treated with hormones. As research has shown, consuming this type of milk increases the risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer .

Is there any good beverage to drink. Probably not unless water from a glass bottle. As a child I remember drinking soda or as my cousin’s in Detroit called it - ‘ Pop” From sport drinks to iced teas and sodas, each of these commonly encountered beverages contains chemicals, artificial colorings and sweeteners that mess with your brain and body in no time. Most of all, these so-called healthier drinks ruin the balance of good bacteria in your gut

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