Besides being the most important specie son Mother Earth. It is not just honeybees that are at RISK. It is all bees. Without bees we would less colorful flowers and fewer plants. Not only is that disappointing to the naked eye, but more important is the loss of a food supply. There would a third less fruits and vegetables in the markets as well as legumes as nuts

I became a beekeeper and a member of the American Apitherapy Society to do some small part in helping to save bees. I have collected .an a mass array of old and new books on bees. The Beekeeper’s Bible is a must to start with., There are many books on bees worth reading, “ Honeybee Democracy” is one as is “ Keeping the Bees” , “ The Bee Book” and much more.

Here is what you can do:

STOP using any pesticides in your garden. Encourage your neighbors to use no pesticides.

PLANT BEE friendly flowers and plants for their pollen. Bees need to forage

Support your local beekeeper at the markets;

JOIN the American Apitherapy Society (

BE an advocate for the bees

Until tomorrow…