Retinal Vein occlusion ( RVO ) is a common vascular disorder of the retina affecting the veins. It is more common than discussed. The veins which carry blood away from the eye get blocked. This leads to hemorrhages and leakage of fluid .

There are two types: central RVO and branch RVO There are more than 10.9 million people affected by this disorder. The cause are lifestyle driven meaning it is a matter of lifestyle changes.

There is no conventional treatment for a RVO There are some drugs as ranibizumab. Steroids are another option. I prefer changing some lifestyle choices. This will include taking some eye nutrients as lutein ( 6 - 20 mg /day) zeaxanthin, ginkgo biloba, bilberry and omega 3 oils. This sound simple —IT IS SIMPLE I recommend 180-220 mg of bilberry /day as well as a high quality organic multivitamin

Your eyes are important. Please protect them

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