Inflammation or irritation of the digestive system is very common. The most common cause is a dysbiosis which is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. There are two free radicals that can be the culprit - zonulin and peroxynitrite. If a patient has genetic genes that reduce levels of natural antioxidant as gluthathione- this inflammation can get out of hand. There are many genetic variants that do not help digestion allowing the body not to clear toxins.

When dealing with gut inflammation consider genetic testing . There are many variants in HLA genes that contribute to gluten sensitivity. For example there is a FUT2 gene may impact the production of pre biotics which support probiotics

I am delighted that two of my doctors at Connecticut Integrative Medical Center have trained with Peter D’Adamo at the Center of Excellence. I worked at the Center of Excellence for one year. These two doctors, Dr Jenny Goto and Dr Katie Zinn utilize Dr D’Adamo’s program - OPUS After our weekly discussions I am able to give these patients the IV support I feel our program gets to the root of the gut inflammation

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