When I think about Poppies, I can’t help think of the 1939 classic film, The Wizard of Oz which celebrated its 80th anniversary yesterday. The Wicked Witch has the four walk through a field of poppies which makes them sleepy. This is because the flowers and leaves have a sedative or hypnotic properties. Of course Glenda the Good Witch comes to the rescue and has it snow so the four can wake up. What you didn’t know is that the snow was toxic asbestos flakes falling from the sky.

The botanical name for California Poppy is Eschscholzia californica- the state flower of California This is similar but less toxic than its cousin, The Opium Poppy.

I utilize this plant for gentle sedative properties useful in anxiety, nervousness and sleeplessness. It is great for a long plane flight or a long plane ride ( if not driving) I combine it with chamomille for restlessness and cramp bark for insomnia. It is great for nerve pain when combined with St Johns Wort.

It is best to use the fresh undried whole plant if you can get

Until tomorrow…