Give soup to strengthen and nourish the body. It is good or rather excellent for convalescence. Your grandmother did. It my childhood my grandfather also went to the butcher for the bones. Actually my great Uncle Jimmy and my Poppy had a butcher shop in Queens.

It is simple to make bone marrow soup. Today many use store bought Bone Broth ( a nicer name- but the same thing ) Bone marrow soup is simply the stock or broth made from chicken, turkey, duck, veal and venison and beef bones. The vegetarians are cringing right now. I understand. Toss these potent health laiden nutrient vessels in a pot and simply STEW

You get the calcium and magnesium like no other source. I throw everything in - bones, garlic, onions ( both from the Lily Family - genus Allium ) , carrots, celery and much more. I add 2 tablespoons of apple cidar vinegar to the water.

Slow heating enhances the extraction of some nutrients and improves the flavor. It is delicious and the BEST for the body

Until tomorrow…