Once in a lifetime is commonly quoted. I would say that moment of ‘ once in a lifetime’ has happened to me while reading some extraordinary books. One such book is published by Singing Dragon. It is called “ Extraordinary Chinese Medicine: The Extraordinary Vessels, Extraordinary Organs and the Art of Being Human. “ The mere fact that we live and breathe is extraordinary We are multidimensional beings that only exist through our senses- smell, sight, taste, feel and touch. This in itself is a miracle. Do you ever consider how you exist in this world.? How each part of body communicates through our sense.

This book demonstrated the fact that life is continuous and based of our underlying experience at a level of humanity. I felt a sense of relief when reading this unique book. It discusses when the Qi flows freely without interruption. The extraordinary vessel is US with all of our organs. There are times when reading this book that I felt ‘ one ‘ I felt growth had taken place through all of my experiences.

Read it slow with an open mind and in a quiet place.

Until tomorrow