This is not a topic I regularly discuss. One of my patients asked me about which herbs she can use for douching. Before I start discussing this I want to discuss vaginal infections. Vaginal infections have increased in the last 20 years due to every increasing use of antibiotics. You know antibiotics kill off the useful bacteria and yeast in the vagina. These then promote vaginal yeast infections which now need to be treated with anti fungal medications as Diflucan, monostat, and nystatin. It has been said that herbal douching is best for minor vaginal infections. I would still encourage the patient to see their own gynecologist. Many gynecologists frown on the use of douching especially with herbs.

The best herbs for douching are lavender, tea tree , garlic and even berberine. I have seen patients use oregon grape root which also is a berberine containing herb as well as uva ursi and even slippery elm

One of my patients swears by the sue of yogurt in a douche because it reduces unwanted bacteria, especially yeast

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