Do you dream ? Do you remember your dreams ? Do you want to dream more ? One of the most used herbs for lucid dreaming has been mugwort. There are many herbs that have been used to elicit lucid dreaming . Some of these herbs are as follows:

  1. Calea zacatechichi wich increases dream clarity; 2. The Blue Lotus which has a calming effect like 3. Melissa officinales ( Lemon Balm) 4. Huperzine A which enhances dream capabilities; 5 Asparagus Root also known as the spirit herb igniting the subconscious during sleep

I have seen galantamine not only used in treating patients with Alzheimer’s Disease but used for dreaming . This substance also can be found in two plants - the snowdrop and the red spider lily. I have seen galantamine have many physical and psychological side effects , so I do not use it a lot in my clinical practice. Other than the herbs above there are supplements which have been associated with lucid dreaming. Some of these are

  1. 5 HTP, 2. melatonin ,which may increase dream vividness ; 3. sublingual B6 and B12 for promoting dream recall ; 4. fish oils to stimulate more intense vivid dreams; and even 5 . apple juice ( although sugar ) to increase acetylcholine levels.

Consult your health care practitioner before using any of these herbs or supplements. I would also encourage to read books about Dreaming.

Until tomorrow…


This isn't the typical juice you think of in the morning. It certainly wasn’t the juice I drank as a child. The juice of raw celery juice is the latest and best craze ( if you can call it that) Celery also known botanically as Apium graveolens is chock full of nutrients for your total health needs.

It is part of a detoxfication program promoted by Anthony Williams of Medical Medium fame. I have been using celery juice for some time. It decreases the toxic burden to your heart and liver. It has been used by herbalists for treating a wide variety of infections- bacterial , especially Streptococcus, and viruses as EBV and shingles ( pox virus) . I feel it is necessary for autoimmune diseases as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and much more

It is essential to drink if you have SIBO- small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. If you have stress ( who doesn’t have stress) a nice cool 8 oz glass can restore and balance your adrenal glands

Drink your celery juice tomorrow morning

Until tomorrow…


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body yet only 23 % of Americans are getting it through their diet.

I have suggested to decrease your intake of calcium in post menopausal females only. It has been studied that too much calcium greater than 1000mg can deposit in the heart in post menopausal females.

Many individuals, both men and women do not have dairy in their diet. Dairy can be acidic and most Americans are allergic to dairy ( actually to all the additives ) You can get your calcium from many foods. Including as many calcium-rich foods in your daily diet will provide your body with the base it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Some of these foods are

  1. Collard Greens; 2. Mustard Greens; 3. Almonds; 4 Chia seeds; 5. Tempeh; 6. Amarinth; 7. Oranges; 8. Cannelini beans

For those that do not like greens, but rather a sweet taste—I have an option

Blackstrap molasses is made from boiling sugar cane syrup. Essentially, it’s a concentrated byproduct of making white sugar. It’s also where all the nutritional value is.  It is darker and richer in flavor than regular molasses. It also boasts an impressive 400 mg of calcium for every two tablespoons and offers the optimum calcium-magnesium ratio

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Elderberry is native to Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. In Latin it is called Sambucus nigra and also known as European elder, and black elder The flower is the part that is used. The flower contains 0.3 % of an essential oil composed of free fatty acids and alkanes. The berry which is also used contains rutin, quercetin, phenolic acids, and another compound, kaempferol. These substances are anti inflammatory because elderberry is high in flavonoids. These flavinoids are powerful antioxidants that prevent cellular damage. The anthocyanidins also present in elderberry have an immuno-stimulant effect on the body

For the plant lover in you and in me—Sambucus is a genus of flowering plants in the Family Adoxacea. The berries and flowers are ppowerful; medicines as discussed above. The elderberry flowers are white and the berries turn from green to red to black as they ripen

Elderberry is traditionally used for cough and respiratory ailments.

For a great tasting Elderberry syrup called ElderBetter contact Botanical Bounty at 646 723 1823. It is sold at Botanical Bounty either in the NYC Office at 115 East 57th Street 16th floor or at the Fairfield Office at 1817 Black Rock Turnpike Room 205

Get ELDERBETTER syrup today ….


Can you go through the day without a cup of coffee? Coffee is a global beverage. It is grown commercially on four continents, and consumed enthusiastically in all seven. There is even an Italian espresso machine on the International Space Station. Coffee's journey has taken it from the forests of Ethiopia to the Incas of Latin America, from Ottoman coffee houses to 'Third Wave' cafes, and from the simple coffee pot to the capsule machine according to Jonathan Morris. He is the author of Coffee: A Global History from the Edible series

I am addicted to the Edible Series. I have more than 10 of these books now. I started reading the Coffee: A Global History last night and was thoroughly engrossed. I love coffee. I love the taste of coffee. I also am encouraged by all the new research on the benefits of coffee especially for Alzheimer’s Disease.

I especially like to read how coffee is prepared in different countries. I have read The Devil’s Cup in the past. This is just as informative.

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In the literature over the past few years there has been studies discussing the chemotherapy drugs having activity against some strains of bacteria Different classes of chemotherapy drugs have shown activity against 4 pathogenic microorganisms. Some of these chemo drugs are the anti metabolites, mitomycin C , 5 FU , methotrexate and many more.

When I look at anti microbial herbs I have found that many of these which address bacteria, fungi and viruses and even spirochetes ( like in Lyme disease) also exhibit anti tumor activity, making them effective in the treatment for cancer and multiple systemic chronic infectious syndrome ( MSCIS)

So chemo drugs can kill bacteria yet herbs with anti bacterial activity also can and do have anti tumor activity

I prefer herbs

This correlation needs to be looked at more in future studies.

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This is an oil from the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. I actually never heard of this oil. A patient of mine turned me on to this unrefined cold pressed oil.

The patient was using this oil for her sunburn. She uses it for the vacation sunburn or minor scrapes while away. After reading about it, it can be used to repel bugs and insects, soothe sore spots as well as moisturize dry damaged hair.

It also has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

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We all have had soda once in our lives. I grew up during the soda craze During college I knew a classmate who drank nothing but “ TAB” Today we know the bad additives in soda which included saccharin and aspartame. The excessive artificial sweeteners make you crave more. There is also a cancer risk with these additives.

The ingredient, high fructose corn syrup is in almost everything that is processed including soda. It is a highly concentrated form of sugar, fructose derived from corn. Corn is highly allergic and genetically modified. It increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides. It should be AVOIDED in all foods

Did you know that the carcinogen formaldehyde is in soda. The aspartame in the soda will break down into methanol and formaldehyde. So you are literally poisoning yourself. The additive potassium benzoate in the soda breaks down into benzene which is another carcinogen.

The food dyes in most sodas have been shown to impair brain function and cam create hyperactive behavior. It interferes with your ability to focus and can cause lack on impulse control. Have you ever experienced this ?

Think twice before you have a glass of soda ? I know the television commercials and print ads make it so enticing BUT resist.

Until tomorrow…