Mushrooms can be medicinal. Mushrooms are a great food.

Certain species are poisonous

There are two deadly mushrooms- the destroying angel ( Amanita bisporigera) and Death Cap ( Amantia phalloides) . These mushgrooms can kill you within a few hours of one bite. The toxins are called amatoxins and unfortunately there is NO known antidote. A few hours after ingestion the person will get nauseous and have bloody diarrhea.

Amantia are gilled mushrooms and grow on the ground in the woods . The caps are oval or convex when young and convex or flat when mature The caps are bright red or yellow Some species have patches on their cap These are also called warts

I encourage anyone who picks their own mushrooms to be familiar with amantia species. There are many books about mushrooms to identify different species. I also like the book 100 Edible Mushrooms by Michael Kuo

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This can be described as a related group of conditions, all affecting vision usually temporary and without pain

Ocular migraines are more common in women of child bearing age who have had a history of migraines with auras. There are two types of ocular migraines- one with auras and retinal migraine. There are other types, one called a scintillating scotoma

There are conventional treatments as Depakote and topramax ( which are also used for epilepsy. I have seen tricyclics used for depression to be used. I have seen beta blockers used for this condition

Complimentary or integrative treatment include taking magnesium 500mg which I feel is essential. One of the best herbs used is butterbur but it should contain alkaloids. It should read PA free. The other herb is feverfew up to 100mg per day. Other helpful supplements are 5 HTP, riboflavin and Coenzyme 10

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Cardiovascular disease is still the #1 killer among men and women in the United States Individuals with hypertension ( high blood pressure ) often also have hyperlipidemia ( high lipid levels ) ; the combination of the two conditions can lead to the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Poor lifestyle and dietary habits, as well as occupational stress, have contributed to the rise in CVD. Environmental stress should not be ignored for development of CVD

A recent published study observed the beneficial effects of Sea buckthorn on CVD Supplementing a diet with omega fatty acids has been shown to lower blood pressure. The seed oil of sea-buckthorn (SBT, Hippophae rhamnoides, Elaeagnaceae) is rich in omega fatty acids and the antioxidants beta carotene and vitamin E. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, and omega-9 fatty acids.

There was clearly a beneficial effect noted. The authors attribute the positive results to the combined efficacy of the omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants in the SBT seed oil, which contributes to the reduction of cardiac risk factors. There were some limitations as number of participants, short duration of treatment and other cardiac risk factor measures

Published in Herbalgram from the American Botanical Council

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Vashishtha V, Barhwal K, Kumar A, Hota SK, Chaurasia OP, Kuma B. Effect of seabuckthorn seed oil in reducing cardiovascular risk factors: a longitudinal controlled trial on hypertensive subjects. Clin Nutr. October 2017;36(5):1231-1238. doi: 10.1016/j.clnu.2016.07.013.


It is beyond my wildest dreams that this month marks the 9 year that I have written this blog. This blog has been inspiring to me and hopefully to the reader. It has changed through the years as does life. It has prompted me to read more on a variety of subjects. I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and sharing it

Jelly Ear Fingus ( also known as Aurcularia auricula-judae) is found world wide and can be enjoyed as a food or a medicine. In teaching Oncology at the College of Naturopathic Medicine I have studied more mushrooms over the years. This mushroom mainly grows on an elder tree.

It has been found to boost your immune system and possesses antiviral, antibacterial and anti-parasitic effects. In animal studies this mushroom has lowered blood level of cholesterol. Actually there is another mushroom that produces a type of statin drug , lovastatin that lowers cholesterol . The Jelly Ear also reduces blood sugar and can help and support a patient with diabetes. It has also been shown toi reduce blood clotting

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Any pregnant women should look after herself when pregnancy by eating properly, getting enough sleep and avoiding physical and mental stress. Easier said than done.

I have found that Chinese Medicine sees a direct link between the emotional state of the mother and the child. I have seen a Chinese practitioner call a pregnant women’s pulse as Slippery - which is normal and reflects additional fluids in the body. The tongue also is checked and varies from woman to woman depend on constitutions of the patient.

Nausea is a common ailment in pregnancy. Ginger tea can help fight nausea. Here is the way to do it

  1. peel a small chunk of fresh ginger root into 3-6 slices

  2. . put the sliced ginger into a sauce pain with some water, simmer for 3-5 minutes

  3. Strain the liquid into a pitcher.

  4. Drink the liquid as a tea several times throughout the day

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Lyme disease affects a minimum of 350,000 per year in the United States. I believe we are epidemic numbers with little being said by the government or the Center for Disease Control. There are millions of cases worldwide.

The symptoms vary from person to person. It can be mild fatigue, to lack of concentration ( also called Brain Fog) to severe arthritis. Recently Sacred Science had a series called Remedies for which I discussed Lyme. The author, Stephen Buhner of Healing Lyme also discussed Lyme and its co infections. I encourage anyone who has Lyme or knows someone who does to read his book.

The spirochetes that cause Lyme are called stealth pathogens which means they hide within the tissue. Although some infectious disease conventional physicians do not believe in Chronic Lyme—I believe there is Chronic Lyme. Up to 25 % of patients do not respond to conventional antibiotics and relapse. Although testing has improved , they are still not completely reliable. Tests allowed for Lyme vary from state to state.

You must seek an Integrative MD/ ND to treat your Lyme. The co-infections that can accompany Lyme are often more incapacitating than Lyme- these can be EBV, Mycoplasma, Babesia, Bartonella and much more

Our office uses an individualized approach using both traditional Chinese and Western herbs, supplements, metal detoxification, IV support, and apitherapy products as been venom

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I have seen a single peanut or a bite into a shrimp put a susceptible person into anaphylactic shock, while some of us may have these foods. This also can happen from a conventional drug, supplement, herb or Chinese herb.

I am not versed in Traditional Chinese Medicinals. When properly prescribed according to professional standards I have seen great benefits with elimination of disease.

Since I am not familiar with all of the Chinese supplements I had to get more educated and versed in the subject. I recently purchased a book by Fred Jannes with Bob Flaws titled Herb Toxicities and Drug Interactions

This has helped me in many situations to decipher toxicities in patients taking Chinese preparations

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There are many physicians who use bee venom therapies in their practice. This is done by obtaining venom in an injectable, sterile form and injecting under the skin.

I have seen excellent results when used for arthritis, scar tissue, and acute and chronic injuries. I have seen fantastic results when used for Multiple Sclerosis. It has also been used recently for Chronic Lyme. There are published studies on its use for MS. Many patients seek out bee venom therapists. I have seen increased stability, less fatigue and less spasm in the MS patient who uses bee venom. The treatment protocol is for months and can be intense. Some patients have done stings with live bees two to three times per week. This is individualized

Support your local beekeeper and the American Apitherapy Society for which I am Vice president. See

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